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Arisa Katchawarang

Meet Arisa Katchawarang

Arisa is a Thai model, net idol, and pretty.

She is a winner of multiple Playboy Thailand awards and has been featured in all major Thai men’s magazines such as Playboy, Mr Fox, Cup E, and Alure.

With her soft skin, beautiful face, and generous shapes, she is the kind of girl that captures your eyes from across the room.

Thai girl Arisa Katchawarang dressed as sexy bunny

But it’s clearly her personality and willingness to bare it all on camera that made her famous.

If you like sassy girls who love to bend over to give you sexy photos of them in all positions, Alisa is the kind of girl for you.

The beauty is now working as a freelance model, and you can find her latest photos on Facebook, Instagram, or Line.

Follow her there for more sexy content.

Instagram : @army_arisa_
Facebook : Arisa Katchawarang
Line ID : @⁣army.arisa
TikTok : @army_arisa

And before you leave, here’s a short video of Arisa showing her dancing skills on Tiktok.

Enjoy πŸ˜‰
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