Top Thai Dating Apps to Meet Single Thai Girls Online

Thai dating apps are everywhere and they changed Thai dating forever.

Once upon a time, they were only for dating girls in Bangkok.

Now, you can easily find Thai girls from any province of Thailand, or even the UK, US and Australia on those apps.

So that’s great, but which one should you chose?

Here’s what we recommend :

What’s The Best Thai Dating App?

  1. ThaiFriendly (iOS and Android): for fun, casual and serious dates.
  2. ThaiCupid or Asiandating (Android only): for those looking for a lasting relationship.
  3. ThaiFlirting (Android only): the only Thai dating app 100% free.
  4. Seeking (Android only): to most popular sugar dating app in Thailand.

Looking For a FREE Thai Dating App?

If you don’t want to spedn any money then let us make a few changes to our rankings:

  1. ThaiFlirting (Android only) is the only Thai dating app 100% free.
  2. ThaiFriendly (iOS and Android) is limited on the free version, but you can still send a few messages and manage to land a date.
  3. ThaiMatch (iOS and Android) has a better app than ThaiFriendly and also a free version, but not as many users (yet).

What about ThaiCupid and AsianDating?

You can’t even send messages for free on the app. So even if they’re great Thai dating apps, we can’t list them as a free option.

The 5 Most Popular Thai Dating Apps

If you want to know more about each dating app before you make your choice, we’ve got what you need.

Here’s a short description of each Thai dating app, how it’s different than the other ones, and who it’s for.


thaifriendly app user profile screenshot

Even if ThaiFriendly doesn’t have the best app, with 2.4 million users, it can’t be ignored.

ThaiFriendly is super easy to use, have a ton of active girls and ladyboys, and powerful advanced search filters that make it really easy to find dates when and where you want.

It’s best to use their site to sign up and look for the perfect date, then move to the app to chat.

It has an app for both iOS and Android.


thaicupid app screenshot

With an incredible level of details on their dating profiles, ThaiCupid is the best Thai dating app if you’re looking for a serious relationship.

If knowing about a girl’s education, religious status, relationship goals, income, etc… isn’t important when you’re looking for a date, it is when you’re looking for someone to share you life.

ThaiCupid is perfect if you want to find a Thai woman to become your wife or life partner.

And it’s available on Android.


screenshot of asiandating app with asian girl dating profile

The same packaging, site and app as ThaiCupid, but this time you will find singles from all over Asia.

Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thais, Vietnamese, or Singaporean girls, AsianDating has a ton of Asian singles and over 5 million members.

And it also has the same detailed profiles as ThaiCupid, which is perfect to find an Asian wife.

As ThaiCupid, AsianDating is available only on Android.


Thaiflirting app feature

The only Thai dating app 100% free is available on Android.

Meet Thai girls wherever you are, without spending a dollar with this Thai dating app.

Like ThaiFriendly, it’s best to use the site to sign up and search for Thai girls, then switch to the Android app to chat.

For iOS users, no worries, the website is responsive and you can easily use it in Safari.

Seeking Arrangement

screenshot of seeking sugar dating app with the dating profile of a girl

Whether you’re after a sugar baby, a sugar mommy, or a sugar daddy in Thailand, Seeking is for you.

As sugar dating is becoming more mainstream, including in Thailand, so are sugar dating apps.

And Seeking is clearly the app of this type with the most users in Thailand.

Other Popular Dating Apps in Thailand

It doesn’t stop with the 5 options we’ve listed above.

If you want to try more Thai dating apps (or you’ve been banned for the others), there you go :

  • TrulyThai (iOS and Android), a smaller Thai dating app (170,000 members) but with great functionalities.

And if you prefer to use your laptop or table to browse through profiles and have a ton of details about the girls you want to meet, choose one of the Thai dating sites instead.


Tinder app promo Google Play

Tinder is excellent to meet Thai girls, guys, ladyboys, and foreigners in Thailand.

It’s now the NĀ°1 dating app in the world, and in Thailand.

Yes, even Thailand couldn’t resist to swipe right.

šŸ‘ Pros : it’s extremely popular in Thailand too and there is a ton of singles on the app.

šŸ‘Ž Cons : if you’re looking exclusively for Thai girls or Thai singles, it’s not as good. Oh and it lists ladyboys as girls, so don’t forget to read the description to avoid surprises. On the free version, you can only see people around you, and not in a different city or country.


screenshot of bumble dating app for Android

Because why not.


dating profiles on thaimatch app

If you like Tinder, you will love ThaiMatch !

This Thai dating app has a similar design and features as the NĀ°1 dating app in the world but focus on Thai singles.

Even if it’s not as popular as Thaifriendly yet, it’s growing fast and they already count almost 500,000 users.

ThaiMatch is available on iOS and Android.


screenshot of sugarbook sugar dating app for android

The Malaysian sugar dating entered the Thai market in 2019 after a lot of success in other countries in the region (Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia…).

And it said that since the beginning of the pandemic, its number of users has exploded. Including in Thailand.

Plus, right now they offer free Premium account to Thai users worth 2,000 THB.


screenshot of badoo dating app for Android

For a long time, Badoo was the NĀ°1 dating app in Thailand, until Tinder took over.

It’s still widely used in Thailand and if all the above failed, you can always have a look there.

Facebook dating

screenshot facebook dating

Facebook launched in 2019 and Thailand was one of the first country where it was made available.

And with the popularity of Facebook in Thailand, it could have a been a hit.

But do you know anyone using it? We don’t.

Nobody from our community or our team have used it, or know someone who did.

So it’s probably better to pass.

Focus on the other apps listed above.