The Thai girl Budsara posing for a photoshoot with sunglasses and bathrobe.


Meet Budsara Ekwarakunakorn, a Thai model, content creator, and businesswoman.

Budsara isn’t just any Thai influencer and model.

Yes, she is super beautiful, sexy, and has a stunning body. 

But she is so much more than look.

Budsara is a total package of beauty, brain, personality, and physical perfection.

Apart from modeling, Budsara has a lot of professional activities.

She is a temple guide, a foodie, and also a social media marketer. 

Budsara is very active on Instagram and posts a wide content going from travel, to beauty, fashion, culture, and overall positive vibes.

In her spare time, Budsara even sells beauty products. 

And believe it or not, she does not have an OnlyFans.

She is proud of it that she mentions it in her bio.

She knows how to work hard and look good while doing it. 

A true gem, living life to the max.

Where To Find Budsara?

Instagram: @budsara__official1

A beautiful and sexy video of Budsara from her Instagram.

Enjoy πŸ˜‰

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