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Bunny Keys

Meet Noree Wijitra, aka Bunny Keys.

Key Noree is a Thai model, pretty, streamer, and influencer.

Key was initially featured in Playboy Thailand and become one of the Playmates of the year 2018 in Thailand.

From there, her career as a model exploded, and she was featured in other popular sexy magazines in Thailand like Cup-E and Dtorjai Mag.

Key Noree is one of those models who can do it all.

She can do nude and sexy photos, outrageous bikini shots on the beautiful beaches of Thailand, or play a French Maid.

You can also see her in events across Thailand, like motor shows or tech expos.

One thing that transpires from her photos is how confident she is and how sexual she can be.

That’s probably what got her to start an OnlyFans and become in less than a year one of the top Thai creator on the platform.

When she’s not Bunny Keys, she also likes to stream video games on Facebook gaming.

What she likes the most are scary and horror games.

Are you enjoying what you’re seeing? Then if you want more, we’ve got good news for you.

You can join Bunny Keys OnlyFans, where she posts all the content that can’t make it on Instagram for obvious reasons.

And even if she’s got one of the most expensive OnlyFans we’ve seen ($40 a month), we haven’t heard anyone complain or ask for a refund.

So her content must be really hot.

Instagram : @bunny.keys.noree
Facebook : Wijitra Key Noree
Facebook : Key Noree (gaming)
Twitter : @Bunny_keys
Line ID : @Keyy
TikTok : @keysnoree
OnlyFans : @bunny_keys

Before you go, here’s a quick video of Bunny Keys chilling half naked in bed.

Enjoy 😉

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