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Dating In Bangkok

Dating in Bangkok can be really different from dating in the rest of Thailand.

First, you’ll run into way more foreign girls than in other cities in Thailand.

So, if you only want to date Thai girls, it’s important to know where to look.

We’ll get on that below.

Second, you have way more types of girls.

Where Pattaya and Phuket you can run into a lot of bar girls and escorts, Bangkok is a completely different scene.

From office girls to students from Thailand’s top universities, all the way to Thai models, influencers, businesswomen, and the ones from rich families.

How To Find A Date In Bangkok?

The most popular dating apps in Bangkok are:

  • ThaiFriendly, for a one-night stand and casual dates
  • Seeking, to find the most beautiful and open Thai girls
  • ThaiCupid, for serious relationships

Now if you prefer to make the first move, we’ve listed for you the best places to meet Thai girls in Bangkok.

7 Best Places in Bangkok To Meet Hot Thai Girls

Looking for a type of place in particular?

Where To Go On A Date In Bangkok?

Easy, just follow our guides.

We’ve tested hundreds of different places and picked for you the best ones to go on a date in Bangkok.

5 Ideas For A Date In Bangkok

5 Tips For Dating in Bangkok

  • Be Prepared To Pay
    • Girls in Bangkok have a lot of options, and most guys living in Bangkok, both Thais and expats, have good money. So expect to pay for the date.
  • Dress Well
    • Girls in Bangkok dress to impress, so it’s only fair that men do the same.
  • Choose Thai Dating Apps Over Tinder and Bumble
    • The number of people on Tinder and Bumble is overwhelming in Bangkok. With a Thai dating app like ThaiFriendly, you can use filters to find the type of girls you want and save a lot of time doom swiping.
  • Plan For The Traffic
    • The traffic is very heavy in Bangkok, especially during the rainy season. So pick a place for a date that is convenient for both your date and you.
  • Be Open Minded
    • Bangkok is a great place to try new experiences, whether it’s music festivals, BDSM clubs, or cooking classes… use your dates in Bangkok to try new things.

New To Dating In Thailand?

Check out our dating guides.

Thai Dating: The Complete Guide

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