Faii Orapun wearing a Black Ignite bikini

Fai Orapun

Meet Faii Orapun, one of the most beautiful and popular Thai girl at the moment.

Fai made international headlines in 2019 when she was finned for making Pappay Salad (Som Tum) in (a way too) sexy outfit.

Yes, the girl with “Generous Portions” in this article from coconut.co, that’s her.

In Thailand, Fai was already well know for her roles in various popular online shows like “Khom Tales”.

But it’s impossible to talk about Faii without her sexy videos she posts on social media and adult platforms.

From sexy showers to stripping live on Facebook, this Thai girl isn’t afraid to show her best attributes.

Fai is becoming one of the most popular Thai model out there, and she’s really active on social media, especially on Instagram, Line and OnlyFans.

Instagram : orapunfaii
Facebook : เธญเธฃเธžเธฃเธฃเธ“ เธชเธกเธญเธซเธญเธก
Line ID : @faii24
Youtube : Faii Orapun
Tik Tok : faiiorapu
OnlyFans : Im Faii

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