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Where To Find A Sugar Baby In Thailand?

As sugar dating becomes more common in Thailand, there are more Thai girls than ever wanting to become a sugar baby.

But where can you find them?

We asked some of the Thai models featured on our website what they think is the best place in Thailand for sugar daddies to find their Thai sugar baby.

Here are their answers.

Sugar Dating Apps

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With the pandemic, sugar dating is on the rise, and Thailand is one of the fastest-growing countries in Asia.

Seeking and Sugarbook, two of the most popular sugar dating apps in the world, are now taking over Thailand.

Seeking is the best dating app to meet young and attractive Thai girls.

Sugarbook is the number 1 Thai dating site in Asia, with hundreds of sugar babies from Thailand.

Sure there is a cost to using these platforms, but they really simplify your research.

First, they have a wide selection of sugar babies that are verified by the app and who is on the app looking for sugar daddies.

Plus, these apps are all about privacy, and they make it easy to communicate with your future sugar baby without revealing too much about yourself until the “deal” is done.

If you’re busy and don’t want to waste time hitting on a lot of girls on regular dating apps who may not be interested in that kind of relationship, and you don’t want everyone to know you’re looking for a sugar baby, sugar dating apps are for you.

Try Seeking for free and find your ideal date today.

Normal Dating Apps

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There is no doubt the best place to meet young Thai women is through dating apps.

The best thing about them is that regular dating apps are much cheaper and have way more users than sugar dating sites.

But they also have a lot of inconveniences.

First, you have to reveal your identity.

And you have little to stand out from other men on the platform other than paying to have your profile highlighted on the app.

It’s clearly not the best option if you’re on the low-key.

Second, the vast majority of girls on Thai dating apps are either looking for fun or a real date.

Not for financial support.

You may find girls interested in having a sugar daddy, but if they’re not familiar with the concept, it’s going to take a lot of work to educate them and come to an arrangement.

If that’s okay with you and you want to go this route to find a sugar baby, Thaifriendly is your best option as it has the youngest Thai girls compared to all other Thai dating apps.

OnlyFans and MYM

poster of Thai Girls on OnlyFans page on Thai Girl Mag

Hitting on random Thai girls on Instagram, even models, is not the best way to find a Thai sugar baby.

It might work, but most girls are there to work and build their brand and audience.

They are not looking for a man and probably don’t need a sugar daddy.

On the other hand, Thai girls on platforms like MYM and OnlyFans are:

  1. Super hot
  2. There to make money
  3. Always open to opportunities to make more money

So they are more likely to be interested in what you have to offer.

Going on these platforms is also a good opportunity to learn more about a girl before considering her as a sugar baby.

Gentlemen’s Clubs

a group of sey thai girls wearing only tape and heels are dancing on the stage at the pimp a famous gentlemen club in bangkok

After sugar dating apps, Thai gentlemen’s clubs are by far the best way to meet a sugar baby in Thailand.

If you’re not familiar with gentlemen’s clubs, they’re like a regular nightclubs where all the customers are men.

And these clubs have hundreds of sexy young Thai girls ready to party with you all night.

Thai gentlemen’s clubs also double as KTV nightclubs and have private rooms with karaoke systems, pool tables, and complete privacy where you can party with the girls until the morning.

The best thing about gentlemen’s clubs is the quality of their girls.

They are all young, beautiful, fun, educated, and know how to act around wealthy men.

Plus, you get to meet and party with hundreds of potential sugar babies before deciding if one of them could be a potential sugar baby.

Our favorite gentleman’s club in Thailand is The PIMP Bangkok.

They have by far the hottest and wildest girls there.


sexy thai university girl

It’s no secret that most sugar babies are young students looking for support to pay their tuition fees.

Universities are great places to find sugar babies.

But it’s not so easy to get in touch with Thai students if you don’t hang out on campus.

The best way to get in touch with young Thai uni girls is Thaifriendly.

The local Thai dating app is the go-to place for many Thai girls interested in foreign men.

If you don’t have any luck there (but we doubt it), Tinder is a good alternative.

But with so many users and almost no way to filter them, it can be hard to find Thai students on the app.

What About Gogo Bars?

a sexy thai gogo girl posing on the counter at billboard a famous gogo bar in bangkok

It’s not impossible to find a good sugar baby in a gogo bar, but you have a lot more chances of having a disappointing experience than a great one.

Bar girls are already familiar with this type of special relationship.

Most girls in gogo bars have one or more “sponsors”.

But sponsors are often guys who have fallen in love with them and dream of being more than a one-night thing.

The bar girls usually take advantage of these guys and use them as a walking ATM, until they have no money left.

And then they ghost them.

Anyone who has spent some time in Thailand knows someone who knows someone who was once a sponsor and has now returned home broke.

Avoid the drama, save your money, and go straight for sugar baby material.

Girls who are hotter, younger, more educated and see the longer-term benefits of a sugar daddy, not just the short-term monetary benefits.


What is the best site to find a sugar baby in Thailand?

Seeking is the world’s best dating website to find young, attractive and smart girls, and also the leader in Thailand. Click here to try it.

What is a good allowance for a sugar baby in Thailand?

Most sugar babies in Thailand have a monthly allowance between 10,000 THB (US $300) and 50,000 THB (US $1,500).

So there you have it. The best ways to find a sugar baby in Thailand.

Have you met a sugar baby through any of these options? Have you tried any of them?

Share your experiences with us in the comments.

And go to our Thai dating guide to find the best places to meet girls in Thailand.

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