Playboy Bunny at Bunny SkyDrive, Playboy Thailand

What Happened to Playboy Thailand?

You might have seen that Playboy Thailand disappeared from the web.

There is no more website, Facebook, and Instagram page.

Even their amazing YouTube channel is nowhere to be found.

That’s because Playboy Thailand is gone.

Sorry for your loss, we feel for you.

But don’t worry there are a lot of alternatives to the sexy men’s magazine, including Thai Girl Mag.

Okay, but what happened to Playboy Thailand?

A Short History Of Playboy Thailand

Playboy Thailand was founded in 2011 and quickly became the biggest men’s lifestyle magazine in Thailand.

Pushed by the popularity of the brand and its famous bunny head logo, really good marketing, and of course a selection of some of the most beautiful Thai models, Playboy Thailand blew up.

Playboy was everywhere, gathering millions of followers online, and you couldn’t go to any major event in Thailand (product launches, motor shows, and sometimes corporate events), without seeing their famous Playboy bunnies.

Naked Thai models posing for Playboy Thailand

They were at festivals, private parties, and events all over Thailand and even Asia, from The SHIP festival between Singapore and Phuket to the world-famous Omnia Club in Bali.

You could not get away from them.

And it was a pleasure for the eyes.

Their models were gorgeous, they produced quality content (both photos and videos), partnered with the biggest brands, and it was awesome.

A photoshoot for Playboy Thailand with sexy Thai models at a football locker

Even though the magazine started during a tough period for the print press, Playboy Thailand managed to grow.

The magazine was full of interesting content, exclusive interviews with celebrities, and stunning girls with captivating personalities.

Playboy Thailand calendar with Thai models in yellow

And that’s without even mentioning the Playboy Awards or their famous Playboy calendars.

But unfortunately, all of it had to end.

Where Is Playboy Thailand Now?

Thai models for Playboy Thailand with a lot of shot

Playboy Thailand ceased to exist on January 1, 2021, after the company in charge of Playboy Thailand, and Playboy Inc (who were leasing them the right to produce the magazine in Thailand), decided to split ways.

That’s a rude stop to what was a really successful venture.

Because Playboy Thailand was big not only in Thailand but all over Asia.

Some of the Thai Bunnies even got featured in the main Playboy magazine.

For as long as it lasted, the Thai version had a wild run and made a lot of Thai models famous.

But Playboy Thailand is now a thing of the past.

It’s time to move on.

And there’s nothing to be sad about, Thailand still has the most beautiful women in the world. (OK, we may be a little bit biased)

So where can you find beautiful Thai models now that Playboy Thailand is dead?

The Best Alternatives To Playboy Thailand

Thai Girl Mag

Our team is passionate about promoting the beauty and amazing world of Thai women and works hard to constantly bring you the best Thai girls and to keep you up to date on what they do and where to find them.

If you want to discover new Thai models and know more about your favorite Thai net idols, this is the best place online.

We even made a list of the best Thai Playboy models, with all the Thai girls who were featured in Playboy Thailand, and the Thai girls, or girls from Thailand who were and are featured in other Playboy magazines.

Mr Fox

Mr Fox is the legitimate successor to Playboy Thailand as it’s operated by the team that was behind Playboy TH.

That’s why you can see all the photos and videos from Playboy Thailand on their website and social media.

Their marketing isn’t as slick as under the Playboy umbrella, and it doesn’t have as much English content.

But they still feature the best models in Thailand, including of course many ex-Playboy Thailand models.


Cup-E has been a staple of the Thai net idol industry.

It’s not nearly as big as Playboy Thailand ever was, but it’s been consistently shooting the hottest Thai girls for 10+ years.

They don’t have a lot of written content, and most of their content is in Thai, but their photos and videos speak for themselves.

A’lure Channel

A’lure, or Alure, is another popular Facebook and Youtube channel about Thai models.

Now if you want to meet Thai girls online or in real life, we have a lot of guides and tips for you.

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