Sugar Dating In Thailand Is Getting More Popular

Sugar dating is becoming increasingly popular globally, including in Thailand.

It’s simple, since the start of the pandemic, sugar dating has become a trending topic online and sugar dating apps have gained millions of members across the world.

To give you an example, between April 2020 and April 2021, the number of searches for “sugar dating” in Thailand was multiplied by 4.

In the same time, the number of searches for “sugar daddy” in Thailand was multiplied by 10!

There are more Thai sugar babies than ever before, and they are looking for their future sugar daddy or mommy.

So the questions are, where can you meet them? And what sugar dating app should you use to find your Thai sugar babe?

Where to Find a Sugar Baby or Sugar Daddy?

With most bars and clubs only slowly coming back to life, the best way to meet Thai sugar babies or daddies is definitely online, with a sugar dating app like Seeking Arrangement.

The American website that has made sugar dating mainstream has seen an explosion of users in Thailand recently.

Take advantage of it!

But what are the other options outside of Seeking?

Now that the borders and bars reopened, here’s where you can find your future sugar date:

The Best Sugar Dating Sites and Apps in Thailand

More About Sugar Dating in Thailand

Sugar dating is nothing new in Thailand.

Many Thai bar girls have had sponsors for years.

A sponsor is often a foreign man who sends money to a Thai girl (a bar girl, a student, sometimes a regular girl) monthly or whenever she needs financial support.

Then when he comes to Thailand a few weeks a year, he spends time with her, and they often travel together.

It is also common for Thai men to have mistresses.

In Thai, this is called a “Mia Noi” (literally a “minor wife”). And most wealthy Thai men have one or a few of them.

So as you can see, sugar dating is nothing new in Thailand.

It’s just the name that changes, and these days people are getting more open to talk about it.

Ultimately, the only difference in sugar dating is the label we put on it and the details of the relationship.

In sugar dating, both parties are upfront about what they want out of the relationship. And about how much they want to pay/receive.

Something that isn’t always clear between a Thai girl and her sponsor, or even her regular date.

And even though sugar dating had a lot of bad press over the years, it is nothing more than a dating agreement between two adults.

One, often an older man looking for companionship, the sugar daddy.

And a young girl or guy, the sugar baby, who is an attractive person looking to enjoy a luxurious lifestyle and get financial support in exchange for her/his time and companionship.

Not interested in sugar dating?

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