Thai girl holding Thai baht bank notes in her hands and around her neck in a vip minivan

Thai Girls Price: How Much Is A Thai Girl?

We receive messages every week from some of you asking us how much are girls in Thailand.

But before we dive into the prices for the different types of girls you might meet in Thailand, let us say that you should not assume that all Thai girls are always after your money.

Bar girls and escorts are for sure, but most Thai girls are genuinely looking to meet someone interesting who they can have a good time with.

Go on Thai dating apps and you’ll meet plenty of girls today, for free.

Or of course, you can take a shortcut and rent a Thai girlfriend or find a Thai sugar baby.

You can even rent a hot Thai companion to travel with you.

That’s a real thing, and Thailand is probably one of the easiest countries to hire girls.

So if you’re willing to pay to spend a few hours, a few days, or more, with the Thai girl of your dreams, here are the prices you can expect to pay.

Thai Girl Price Table

Here is how much a Thai girl is:

Type of Thai GirlShort Term (a few hours)Long Term (overnight)Holidays (price per day)
Normal girlFree / 800Free / 1,500Free / 1,500
Bar girl (girlie bar)1,500 – 3,0003,000 – 5,0005,000
Gogo girl2,000 – 5,0004,000 – 7,0005,000 – 10,000
Party model (agency)2,000 – 5,0004,000 – 7,0005,000 – 10,000
Party model (gentlemen’s club)8,00012,000 – 15,00010,000 – 15,000
Thai net idol30,000 – 50,00040,000 – 80,00050,000 – 100,000
Thai sideliner2,000 – 4,0004,000 – 15,00010,000 – 20,000
Thai freelancer1,000 – 3,0002,500 – 5,0005,000
Thai escort5,000 – 10,00012,000 – 20,00015,000 – 25,000
Thai top models30,000 – 50,00040,000 – 80,00050,000 – 100,000
Prices in Thai baht (THB)

We got these prices from our own experience and from people working in the adult entertainment industry in Thailand.

That gives you an idea of what you should be paying, and if you’re being charged too much.

For escorts, you can easily compare prices with sites like Smooci and other escort websites to see the current prices these girls charge.

For call girls and gogo girls, look for discussions on Reddit and Twitter.

They are usually a good source of information.

Or just message the bars directly and ask for their price list.

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