Hot Thai Girlfriend

Why Should You Have a Thai Girlfriend?

If you’re reading this you’re either considering having a Thai girlfriend or you’re already looking for one.

If you’re not sure yet if a Thai girl will make the perfect girlfriend, here are a few reasons that we know will convince you.

And if you’re already convinced a Thai girl is the best thing you can get in life, let us tell you where you can find your future Thai girlfriend.

Let’s start with the best reasons to have a Thai girlfriend.

Thai Girlfriends Are Cute

Asian girls are known to be cute, but Thai girls are by far the cutest.

Their legendary smile, slim body, and soft skin make you want to cuddle them all day.

All it takes is one look from a Thai girl and once she stares into your eyes, you won’t resist falling in love instantly.

Thai Girlfriends Are Sexy

Not only do Thai girls have beautiful bodies and cute faces, but they also know how to dress to their advantage.

They know how to impress men and how to get their attention without saying a word.

If you like having a girlfriend that makes your head turn everywhere you go and who’s so hot you can’t take your eyes off her, get yourself a Thai girlfriend.

Thai Girlfriends Are Independent

Of course, some Thai girls want you to take care of them financially.

And there’s nothing wrong with that, especially if you can afford it.

But you’ll be surprised that most Thai girls you’re going to meet are independent and don’t expect anything from you.

Not only financially, but they have their work or business, their friends, and their passions and they don’t necessarily expect you to be the center of their life.

Don’t expect her to run after you all the time or to expect the world from you.

She can take care of herself.

Thai Girlfriends Love To Party

Thai girls are great housewives but they also love to go out with their friends and party all night.

She can be going to karaoke with her friends, a pool party where she’s going to make guys crazy with her bikini or go with you to a VIP club.

Having a Thai girlfriend doesn’t mean it’s the end of the fun, you can still go out with your friends, and she will do it too.

Thai Girlfriends Can Cook Delicious Food

Not only do most Thai girls cook delicious Thai food, but a lot of them can also cook all sorts of Asian and western food.

With a Thai girlfriend, you’ll eat delicious food every day, whether she’s cooking for you, buying things in the street, or when you go on a date.

And if you find one of the rare ones that can’t cook, you can be sure she still knows where to find the best food in town.

Thai Girlfriends Take Good Care Of You

One thing that makes Thai girls such good girlfriends is how they take care of others, and how well they treat their men.

If a Thai girl likes you she’ll always have special attention for you and make sure you’re doing well and are well taken care of.

So much that it’s almost hard to put into words.

You need to experience it yourself to understand it.

Thai Girlfriends Make Good Wives

Once you find yourself a good Thai girlfriend, there’s going to be a point when you want to make things more serious.

Thai women make good wives for the same reason they make good girlfriends.

But also because they put family first, they’re loyal, and they will support you in everything you do.

There’s nothing better than having a strong Thai wife behind you to help you succeed in Thailand.

How To Find A Thai Girlfriend?

Now that you know why Thai girlfriends are the best, it’s time to find where you can get one.

Thai Dating Apps

The easiest way to meet anyone these days is through dating apps.

And Thailand has a bunch of dating apps where you’ll find hundreds of thousands of single Thai girls.

There are all sorts of Thai dating apps, with each their pros and cons, but a good place to start for most of you is going to be ThaiFriendly.

It’s the best app to find Thai girls from all over the country, and it has enough filters to find exactly the type of girl you like.

Go out

You’re old school and you prefer flirting face to face rather than online?

That’s fine, single Thai girls love to go out and hang out in cafes, bars, and clubs.

Whether you’re in Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket, Hua Hin, Chiang Mai, or else, we put together a list of the best places to meet single girls in each city.

Discover them on this page.


That’s right, come to visit Thailand and you’ll meet potential Thai girlfriends everywhere you go.

Not only at the bar, or in a club, but also at restaurants, massage parlors, pool parties, beach clubs, and who knows, maybe your sexy diving instructor could be your next girlfriend.

Rent One

You read it right.

That’s not a rumor, you can rent a Thai girlfriend online, at a bar, or at a club in Thailand.

Read this post where we answer all your questions on the topic and show you step-by-step how to get it done.

How Much Cost A Thai Girlfriend?

First, don’t assume that you don’t need to pay for her.

A lot of Thai girls have jobs and enough money to take care of themselves.

But if you want to take care of your Thai girlfriend financially, it will cost you around 30,000 THB. That’s including rent, food, and a few dates here and there.

More if she likes flashy and fancy things like a sugar baby.


Are Thai Girlfriends The Best?

Yes, Thai girlfriends are the best by far. You will not find more sexy, loyal, fun, and loving women in the world.

Do Thai Girls Make Good Girlfriends?

Thai girls are incredible girlfriends because they’re cute, sexy, and independent, they love to party, they can cook, make good mothers and good wives, and above all, they take really good care of their men.

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