Thai girls at the booth of a Crypto Meetup Thailand event in Bangkok in 2023

4 Hottest Thai Girls In Crypto

We found for you the hottest girls from Thailand who are active in the crypto community.

Franziie Russo

Franziie is the Thai princess of crypto.

She is the founder of Crypto Meetup Thailand, a popular MC for many crypto event, and an active crypto investor.

Follow her tips about crypto and to see at which event she will be talking next.


Jajaa is a beautiful and smart young Thai girl who loves crypto.

She’s a crypto investor and helps people doing OTC (over-the-counter) transactions in Thailand.

Jajaa is now also a DJ.

Head to Samui to see her play at local bars and clubs.

Ying Nitchapatc

Ying is a gorgeous Thai girl who owns a concierge service called Billionaire Club Thailand.

But when she’s not working or traveling, Ying invests in crypto, especially Bitcoin.

You can sometimes spot her at crypto events in Bangkok.

Papatchanun Angwarawat

Papatchanun Angwarawat aka Byunny Prapang is a Thai model, entrepreneur, and crypto investor.

She is Miss Thailand Friendly Design 2017. Miss Tourism World Samut Prakarn 2020, and the current CMO of the crypto exchange Bitqik Laos.

You can also find her working at crypto events in Thailand, like that event for a Crypto Meme in June 2024 in Bangkok.

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