Thai Girls Featured On Playboy

Unfortunately, Playboy Thailand doesn’t exist anymore.

But until Jan 1st, 2021, when the magazine officially stopped, Playboy Thailand featured some of the most incredible Thai models.

Whether they were called Playmates, Bunnies, or whether they won Playboy awards or not, they’re worth your attention.

Here are a few ex Playboy Thailand models:

Thai Bunnies and Playmates

Sorted by alphabetical order.

During its 8 year run, the Thai version of Playboy was extremely popular in Thailand and in Asia.

The magazine was really active, with a ton of events, awards, monthly issues, ceremonies, and a lot more.

So even though Playboy Thailand is dead, there are still a lot of awesome videos and photos to discover from their archives.

And of course, you can go follow the Thai girls who were featured on the magazine to see what they’re doing after Playboy.


Who were the most famous Thai Playboy bunnies?

Playboy Thailand has a ton of bunnies over the years. But the most popular were probably Tharinton Donmuensri, Bunny Fuengfah, and Bunny Keys.

Where To Find Thai Bunnies now?

The Thai Playboy magazine might be dead, but Thai girls remain the most beautiful girls in the world and there’s no shortage of gorgeous models from the land of Smiles.

A lot of the Thai playmates have moved to MYM and OnlyFans to share their sexy content, and still post a lot on Instagram.

But you know where else you can find the future Thai super models? On Thai dating apps.

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