Different type of Thai girls at a club in Thailand.

7 Types of Girls You’ll Meet in Thailand

Thailand is known as the “Land of Smiles” and is also famous for its beautiful girls.

You probably heard it and there are a lot of stunning Thai girls on this site that prove it.

Now before you plan to travel or move to Thailand, there are a few things you need to know about girls here.

No matter if you’re looking for a Thai girlfriend or something more casual.

It’s important to know where to meet girls. 

And more importantly, about the types of girls you’re going to meet in Thailand,

Where To Meet Girls in Thailand?

Online / On Dating Apps

Seeking sugar dating site screenshot

First of all, almost every girl in Thailand is on a dating app these days.

If not on a few of them at the same time.

You can find the 5 best Thai dating apps if you want to dive in right away. 

But if you prefer to know where you can meet Thai girls, then keep reading.

There are a ton of places you can meet girls in Thailand, and to save you time, we selected the best spots in each city.

In Thailand

  • Bangkok
  • Pattaya (coming soon)
  • Hua Hin (coming soon)
  • Koh Samui (coming soon)
  • Phuket (coming soon)
  • Chiang Mai (coming soon)

Types of Girls You Will Meet in Thailand

But now, what are the different types of girls you will meet in Thailand? 

There are actually a few different types of Thai girls that you’ll find in the country.

Office girls

A stylish Thai office girl sitting on the street in a chic black skirt

Let’s start with the “good” ones, the office girls are the everyday typical big city, normal good Thai girls.

They usually work in an office and have a regular day job.

They often share their room with one or a few close friends or live in a house with their family.

They’re quite traditional and won’t change their ways for a foreigner. 

They don’t eat Western food because it’s out of their budget but still enjoy it.

They spend their time on Line, a chat application they use for everything, including bombarding their friends with cute stickers all day long.

Being normal girls, they have a job, they’re independent, they are educated, and probably love to date foreigners.

Feel free to go and meet them online thanks to our guide on dating applications in Thailand.

Most of them did study English at school but don’t expect them to be fluent.

So you should pick up some Thai words if you want to be understood.

Being family-oriented, they’re overall good wife material.

Fit Girls

May Sitapha in green fitness outfit

You won’t see them unless you hit the fancy gyms!

Let’s be honest, as men, we do really enjoy seeing fit girls and they’re all over Instagram.

These girls are not just hot, they’re dedicated to their business!

Their body is their cash machine for some and they’re carrier oriented.

They all seem to be real-life sexy heroines.

If you want one, you will have to hit the gym hard to be noticed.

Who are they?

They’re gym addicts, some made it their main business, and others are regular office girls with rocking bodies.

They’re not just into sport, but are also into everything healthy like yoga and organic food.

They basically are the “train hard look hot” type of girl.

Let’s be honest, you better have a six-pack and be strict with your workout routine if you want to stand a chance.


Thai lingerie model Maylee Fun spreading her legs on a chair

If you ever see a model IRL, consider yourself lucky!

They’re rare!

But they’re worth it!

They’re by far the hottest girls you can meet in Thailand.

They’re different types of models here.

The “professional” ones who work for famous brands, can be seen on TV.

The second ones, maybe easier to meet, are the Instagram models.

They can make big money on social media, they don’t need your cash!

Quick tip, we call them Net (for Internet) Idols here.

They’re very popular and super gorgeous, they often have OnlyFans.

To find them, you should go to fancy bars, clubs, and exclusive events.


A playful student girl striking a pose with a lollipop, wearing a black skirt and a white top

Thai student girls wearing a school uniform is definitely a fantasy for many.

Who isn’t attracted to Thai university or college girls?

They are young, hot, and love to try new things.

And a “farang” (a foreigner), might be this new thing to try.

As a bonus, Thai university students speak English very well, are career-oriented, and usually do not come from poor families.

Some have even already traveled abroad.

They like foreign food and have an opinion on many topics and are not afraid to speak their mind.

Being exposed to Western culture, they’re also open-minded about dating.

They don’t care about money and usually are looking for love first.

You get it, they are very different from the image you have of a traditional Thai girl.

Types of Girls You Will Meet At Night in Thailand

When it comes to girls who are part of Thailand’s nightlife, that’s a completely different game.

A game with its own labels, rules, and price.

Bar girls

a very beautiful Thai girl with large breast is drinking a cocktail at Redsquare rooftop bar in Bangkok

Bar girls are the most infamous girls from Thailand.

They’re known worldwide for being a source of affordable pleasure for lonely travelers.

It is very easy to find them, just go to Nana Plaza in Bangkok, or another red-light district in Thailand.

You know you are in the right place when you see dozens of girls wearing bikinis and shouting “Handsome mannnn!” at you.

It is easy to instantly fall in love with one of these beauties.

But always remember that they are only after your wallet.

You can get one or more of them back to your hotel for the night but don’t expect any romantic feelings from these working girls.

Business is business.

Freelancers and Sideliners

Capturing the smiles of stunning sideline girls in a vibrant Bangkok bar.

Here is a different type of night ladies you’ll meet at night in Thailand.

Some are also college girls from small universities outside Bangkok, they come for a few days or perhaps over their school break and get paid for sex to earn extra money to pay for their tuition.

You can easily find freelancers online on Thai dating apps and also on the street.

But they’re mostly at nightclubs hanging out with their friends waiting for guys to approach them.

Gogo Bar Girls 

a sexy thai gogo girl posing on the counter at billboard a famous gogo bar in bangkok

Gogo girls are very sexy, young, wild, and ready for action.

You can tell instantly if you’ll like them as they dance in lingerie or in bikini right in front of your eyes.

You can then negotiate a price to take them to your hotel for a couple of hours or all night long.

They’re a lot of gogo bars in Thailand spread around the country’s most famous red light districts (Patong in Phuket, Walking Street in Pattaya, Nana Plaza in Bangkok…)

No matter what your type of girl is, you’ll find one just like that in a gogo bar.


Is it easy to get girls in Thailand?

It is easy to get girls in Thailand for an hour or two. It requires more effort to find a good girlfriend, but it’s still easier than anywhere else.

How to get girls in Thailand?

To get girls in Thailand, just go on a Thai dating app and practice your craft.

How much are Thai girls?

You can date Thai girls for free if you’re willing to put in the effort. Now if you’re ok to pay for their time with you, we have a list of prices for the different types of girls you can meet in Thailand.

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